" T H E   S W I F T   B R O T H E R S "

Swift Brothers on Australia's Got Talent 2008 

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Harry 16 & Oscar 15 are the sons of Grant Swift.

Inevitably they have inherited the passion for the art form of Tap as they have grown up around Tap, Live Jazz, Reggae music and African song and dance. Through their performances on the 2008 Australias Got Talent TV series, they have opened the eyes of the Australian community to their highly rhythmical & impressive style of tap.


The Swift Brothers have been performing professionally since they were 4 appearing in shows such as Brenda Buffalinos' Australian Tour, Foot Jam (Tap - Flamenco Fusion), MITF alongside such established and inspiring artists as Lamine Sonko, The Sedergreen Trio, Jason Samuel Smith, Dormeshia Sumbry Edwards and the Wicked Force Breakers.


As brothers they have that special bond on stage that only comes from family as they carry on taps' proud history of brother acts stemming from The Nicholas Brothers, The Condos Brothers, The Berry Brothers and The Hines Kids to name a few.  They are relishing the opportunity to bring Tap to a wider audience through past TV appearances including Channel 9s' Good Morning Show & Zokky the Kangaroo.


You can occasionally catch The Swift Brothers tearing it up on Swanston St & in Acland St as they hone their improvisation and performance skills on the hardest stage of all "the street". The Swift Brothers continue to work hard with patience bringing their own original feel to the thriving present state of the world Tap scene while remaining respectful to its proud history, & now also passing it on with Dad.

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